I’ve written on a broad range of topics, though most of my work essentially deals with the intersections between culture and health, tech, politics, and/or everyday life. I’ve also written for a wide range of publications based in Australia, the US, and the UK.

In 2014, I was a finalist for the Australian National Youth Week Award for Media, and I’ve also been commended by the Mental Health Association of New South Wales for my reporting work.

I am currently an opinion columnist for Fairfax Media where I write on a broad range of public issues (anything from commentating on federal politics to explaining why small dwellings provide a perfectly liveable environ). I also write features, longform pieces, and personal essays. I’m more or less curious about everything but I gravitate towards the intersections between culture, politics, and personal experience (either my own or experiences of others).

Here is a non-exhaustive selection of my work:

“Tennis, Outer Space, and Breastfeeding in Public: The Surprising Relationship Between Sports and Feminism” – chapter in Balancing Acts: Women in Sport.

Memoir and Masochism“, Overland.

The Problem with Being a Functioning Member of Society“, Overland.

How Wearable Tech is Giving People a Sixth Sense“, The Outline.

How Can We Stop Children from Suicide“, BRIGHT Magazine.

It’s Hard to take HIV Medicine on Time When You Don’t Have a Clock“, BRIGHT Magazine.

The Warmth of Winter“, LOST.

Be honest, are you a traveller or a plain old tourist?“, Fairfax Media.

Deliberately Deaf“, PrimeMind.

Why so many women with ADHD never get the help they need“, The Establishment.

Lena Dunham calls out stereotype of the ‘unhinged’ woman“, ABC Online.

The Imaginary Friends That Are Never Left Behind“, PrimeMind.

Raising concerns: Cultural perception and risk during pregnancy“, Lateral.

Youth mental health: it doesn’t have to be like this“, ABC Ramp Up.

Hope with new guidelines for treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder“, ABC Ramp Up.

Waiting in Crisis“, ABC Ramp Up.

The Mysterious Pull Of ‘Skam’: Norway’s Racy, Alcohol-Soaked, Explosively Popular Teen Drama“, Junkee.

Can you really learn anything from Random Atrocities? A review of Laura Tillman’s The Long Shadow of Small Ghosts“, The Lifted Brow.

Paid to Watch Porn“, Daily Life.

Fear of the Flying“, Meanjin.

The Vicious and the Lovely – Examining Female Friendships“, Feminartsy.

Signs vs. Symptoms: an insight into bipolar“, Voiceworks.

The Capital of Planning“, Voiceworks.

Prime Minister’s donation speaks volumes“, The Age.

Haters and hyperandrogenism: Caster Semenya’s road to becoming an Olympic favourite“, SBS Zela.

Election 2016: Climate change – an election priority for women“, ABC Online.

The Things We Don’t See“, Overland.

Why it’s so hard for women to get justice for online abuse“, ABC Online.

The Implications of Automation“, Lateral.