kissI’m currently producing the podcasts Awesome Women Doing Awesome Things and Narrative Oxford. I’ve previously been a producer for The Daily and On The Money on 2ser in Sydney, and I’ve been a semi-regular commentator on ABC 702 Mornings programme, talking about books.

My audio work was also exhibited in 2015 as part of the This is Not Art Festival in Newcastle. I have also produced other one-off podcasts.

Here is a limited selection of my work, more will be posted as it becomes available:

Awesome Women Doing Awesome Things

This is a podcast where I interview young women from around the world who have found success in a diverse range of fields – arts, science, sports, activism, law, and more – and ask them about their work, where they find their motivation, and their views on a range of topics including life in general. You can subscribe via iTunes, or download individual episodes through PodOMatic.

Narrative Oxford

Narrative Oxford is produced by a team in Oxford, UK. We investigate the people and places of Oxford, UK. Both town and gown, past and present, serious and fun. Our mission is to raise awareness of what’s going on in the Oxford community and encourage inclusion and social engagement.You can play and download episodes on our website or through iTunes. Episodes are also syndicated on local radio station, Oxide Radio.

Other Podcasts and Segments

How to Think More About Death A first-person account as a young person thinking about death and older age and giving voice to the fear around it. It draws heavily on interviews with people who have experienced death up close, through their work and through near-death experiences.

Careers Plans – For Love or Money? A radio segment that investigates the pros and cons of following your heart when it comes to career choices.

The pride and peril of being a public author An interview with prize-winning author, Claire Wright, on the myth of writing as an insular art.

Investigating the leading cause of death among young people A segment featuring Children’s Commissioner with the Human Rights Commission, talking about an impending investigation into self-harm amongst young people in Australia.